Helping Those in Need

Acknowledging economic discrepancies across the population

We are committed to being part and serving our community by providing service to individuals who are most in need.

It is of outmost importance to any legal system that disparities amongst the citizens of the state are eliminated and access to justice is safeguarded. Our legal team of experts encourage individuals with financial burden and instability to enrol with the national legal aid on their legal matter or dispute, normally a registered lawyer being appointed to care for their case and promote any necessary litigation. Costs and legal fees are settled by the state.  The local social welfare department of the Republic will be able to help ascertain the financial, marital, family and other related issues of the applicant, and a relevant report drawn to this objective. 

Further to state legal aid, our firm applies specific financial criteria for individuals that require legal assistance on a pro-bono basis. We cover a wide range of disputes, such as personal injury cases, wrongful dismissal, environmental related disputes and matrimonial amongst others.