Banking & Financial

Strengthening of the banking system
has been our top priority

In recent years the banking and financial services industry has been overhauled with new legislation and regulatory requirements. The global financial crisis has provided feedback to industry players and banking institutions for effective risk management and stable governance and compliance practises.

One of the biggest regulatory changes has been the new Basel, on Banking Supervision as a medium of tackling the drawbacks exposed by the global financial crisis. Bank capital requirements are strengthened by the new accord, by introducing new provisions on bank liquidity and leverage. 

The Cyprus banking and financial services sector includes domestic banks, co-operative credit institutions (CCIs), (former) International Business Units, insurance companies, and other financial intermediation companies. Established are also foreign banks from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia that operate as subsidiaries, branches or representative offices in Cyprus.

Head Offices

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M.Frangos Court,
5th Floor
6051, Larnaca,

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