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The Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus is working together with the government to ensure that scientific bases in Cyprus are enhanced through acknowledging the benefits associated with development, research and innovation. Supporting projects and research activities worth over 25 million Euros have been funded by the research foundation so far. Nonetheless, the expected strategic transformation incorporates categories that will stretch the budget with time.

As listed by the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) and the Foundation, these categories include the development of research infrastructure and large scale investments, multi-thematic and strategic research and growth, international networking and innovation collaboration, enterprise innovation and applied research growth and development of national scientific and human capital research

With the reasonable government research incentives, qualified scientific personnel and a highly trained work force, Cyprus can easily engage in entrepreneurship, transformational research and business innovation. The development of R&D offers numerous investment opportunities for foreign investors and at Antonis Frangos LLC we are committed in helping our clients through the necessary advisory and application procedure. 

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