Intellectual Property

Cyprus is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and of other International Conventions and Treaties with regards to Intellectual Property Rights such as the WIPO and Nairobi Treaties, the Berne Convention and the European Convention on questions of copyright law. Other treaties include the Convention of Paris, Geneva, Rome, European Patent Convention, the Madrid agreement and The Treaty of the World Intellectual Property Organization on the Copyright and Agreed Statements.

Our firm can advise on protection under intellectual property rights, based on local, eu and international law. 

The types of protection on offer, as per Article 2 of the World Intellectual Property Convention of 1968, are:

  • Literary, artistic and scientific works (Copyright);
  • Performances of performing artists, phonograms and broadcasts (Copyright);
  • Inventions in all fields of human endeavour (Patents);
  • Scientific discoveries (Patents);
  • Industrial Designs (Industrial Designs);
  • Trademarks, service marks, and commercial names and designations (Trade Marks);
  • Protection against unfair competition