Criminal Law

Criminal Investigation and prosecution is initiated by the Police of the State (private criminal action is another medium) that naturally is empowered by legislation to pursue wrong offenders to court. The firm upholds the well-established constitutional principle that one is considered ‘innocent until proven otherwise’. Burden of proof lies on the prosecuting side to prove via the presentation of solid evidence that the defendant has committed the crimes charged beyond reasonable doubt. Offenses are separated between indictable and summary offenses.  

We can assist the client in pre-trial procedures from remand until prosecution, trial and the court decision. Examples of cases are:

Arson Driving While License Suspended
Assault & Battery Drug Crimes
Assault / Murder Drunk Driving
Breaking & Entering Embezzlement
Check Fraud Home Invasion
Credit Card Fraud Breathalyzer Refusal
Disturbing the Peace Reckless Driving