Competition Law

Competition Law is nowadays considered a major area of legal practice especially within the European Union. An increasing number of trade agreements and practices typical in the past, are nowadays deemed as anti-competitive and subject to huge fines by the relevant Competition Authorities.

In Cyprus, competition policy is governed by two main laws on anti-competitive agreements and restrictive practices and for the control of concentrations covering both mergers and acquisitions.

The firm has realised the importance of Competition rules and their huge impact on businesses and consumers. Via our team of associates we can provide the client with:

  • Specialised legal and economic advice on anti-competitive practices. This includes the preparation and submission of individual and/or company complaints to the CPC, the representation and defence of clients during proceedings before the CPC in cases of investigations against them (either ex-officio or third party). The preparation and submission of notifications regarding mergers and acquisitions to the CPC.
  • Specialised legal and economic advice on competition issues possessing a European dimension thereby falling under Articles 81 and 82 of the EC Treaty (equivalent to articles 3 and 6 of the Cypriot Competition Act) or under EC Merger Control Regulation.