Incorporation & Nominee

We provide the full range of services on the incorporation of a Cyprus company and ensure that all the due diligence tests are applied for.

Companies under administration are kept up to date and in good standing throughout their lifespan, from birth to their eventual dissolution.  

Our in-house compliance department ensures that all KYC (Know Your Client) and due diligence procedures are adhered to as per the anti money laundering regulations and law, by maintaining clear procedures of internal reporting to a competent person, risk management procedures, monitoring of transactions considered as high risk and employee awareness on the relevant legal context.  

Nominee directors, shareholders, secretaries and registered office can be provided to the corporate client and ultimate beneficial owner, bound through an engagement letter on the rights and obligations of the business relationship.

Annual reporting, general, ordinary and extraordinary meetings, returns, bookkeeping, recording of transactions, supporting documentation  and banking assistance are all but a few of the core services provided by the firm.

The firm can register public and private limited companies, European Companies, branches, partnerships and re-domiciliation.

Companies, partnerships and foundations abroad, through the firm’s core business network, can be incorporated in other jurisdictions with the necessary good standing support throughout the year via fiduciary, management, administration and financial support services.

Other services include mail handling and forwarding, maintaining the registry and company books, translation of documents, notarization, certification, apostil and legalization of documents, filing and annual returns, execution of any corporate amendments, provision of all types of corporate certificates and relevant documents.